"I highly recommend Greenedge Automation Pty Ltd to any client seeking personal, attentive service".


Jessada Lalam, Building Services Manager - CBRE - 20 Hunter St, Sydney



"Greenedge Automation Pty Ltd have implemented well considered and practical control solutions for PJS Air projects - efficiently costed, with diligence in design, process and project site management".


Brad Aicken, Design Manager - PJS Air



"Greenedge Automation Pty Ltd are willing to take complex tasks from beginning to completion and regularly provide value add services without expectation of payment".


Craig Downing - Intera



"Greenedge Automation Pty Ltd are very proactive in regards to energy efficiency and fixing any issues before they get out of control".


Rod Gifford, Engineering Manager - CBRE - 363 George St, Sydney



“It’s a pleasure to work with like-minded professionals, where solutions come before profits”.


David Pongrac - Encoso Pty Ltd



"Great communication…excellent customer service!"


Mark Gentle, Facilities Manager - DexusFM